Monday, July 8, 2013


Dear Harper,

Last year I decided that your birthday would become my Random Act of Kindness day. I always do small things throughout the year but I try exceptionally hard on your birthday. The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Your birthday is this Friday so that means the world should be prepared to be RAK'd.

Last year, your dad and I took it throughout the online gaming community that we were a part of. It was infectious. The people we shared the idea with took it even further than we could have ever dreamed and passed the message and your name along. Asking everyone, posting on their facebooks, emailing and texting asking everyone they knew to commit a random act of kindness. ALL FOR YOU.  Who knows how many random acts were committed last year all in your name.

Baby girl you are doing amazing things from where you are. You blow my mind everyday in every way. Some how you manage to dip your finger into everything we do. You are changing the world one person at a time. Enlightening hearts and sending spirits soaring. Let's see how we can RAK it up this year!

I love you Bean!

Love Mommy

For all my readers and followers, Look below for some ideas on how to RAK it up. A RAK doesn't have to cost money, it can be as simple as a hello or a hug. I have attached a printable sheet of RAK cards to hand out when you do something.

  • Say hello to someone
  • Tape quarters to the candy machines at the grocery store and place a card that says YOU"VE BEEN RAK'D. 
  • Hold the door for someone
  • Go to a nursing home and spend some time with the people who live there
  • Help someone who's car is broken down
  • Help someone with yard work
  • Read to kids at the library
  • Let someone have your place in line
  • Pick up trash at the park
  • Make a new friend
  • Make someone smile
  • Buy the person in line behind you's coffee or meal
  • Write a letter to someone who inspired you
  • Visit the animal shelter
  • Donate books/clothes/food to a charity
  • Listen to someone in need
  • Be a Designated Driver
  • Adopt a soldier
  • Donate that $1 at the store for whatever cause they are collecting for
  • Tape a RAK card and a package of popcorn to the redbox in your area
There are so many many things you can do for your RAK!

You can find more here:

Kindness Ideas

100 Ideas for Good Karma - RAK

RAK for Harper Pinterest board

Participating in RAK for Harper will make your heart and soul feel good! Help me spread love and joy on Friday July 12, 2010.


 HEY...PSSST! PASS THIS ON! Send this link all over the world, let RAKs happen everywhere. Help me spread the love!


When you commit a RAK please comment and let us know! 



  1. This is a wonderful idea. I love it.

    1. I can't wait to see everyone's responses! :) I think it is going to be epic beyond belief

  2. I know it's a few days earlier but wanted to share what my little girl did. Today at the pool a little girl had no one to play with. Olivia walked up to her and asked her to play. She also watched a boy be saved by the life guard after coming down off one of the slides. She waited till all the people left and asked him if he was ok. We will have more on Friday.

  3. Para nosotros dia 12
    Desde el Blog de Tara y a 7000 Km de distancia, desde España, queremos unirnos al sentir de Sarah, y su familia, en este dia de recuerdos para ellos.
    El mundo es mas pequeño de lo que nos parece.
    Un beso muy fuerte
    Familia de Elena

    Sarah this is the message I woke up to this morning. Spain is thinking of your little girl this morning.

  4. As of right now I have mowed 3 neighbors lawns. One neighbor let me borrow her riding lawn mower, she even went behind me and blew all the grass off the driveways. Elena spoke to strangers today at the nail salon. I even had them put butterflies on my big toe in memory of Harper.

  5. So many beautiful things are happening!